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ExoOPS™ - Mission Design
ExoOPS™ - Mission Design is our software to design, simulate, and optimize space missions and constellations.

ExoOPS™ - Operations
ExoOPS™ - Operations is our constellation operation software.

Exotrail's mission is to enable constellation operators to optimize their launch scenario, boost their performance and mitigate space debris. This is exactly the purpose of ExoOPS™, our family of software developed for satellite operators, integrators, space agencies and universities.
ExoOPS™ - Mission Design

ExoOPS™ - Mission Design is a SaaS product built to design, simulate, and optimize space missions and constellations. With ExoOPS™ - Mission Design, you can easily design and optimize your constellation, study the deployment of your satellites, tune up your satellites and prepare for operations. Key features include:

  • Genetic optimization for constellation geometries
  • Constellation deployment strategy optimization
  • Fast parametric studies for quick trade-offs
  • State-of-the-art orbital simlulator for in-depth system analysis
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Why choose ExoOPS™ - Mission Design ?

Get expertise — not experts

Improve your productivity by running complex simulations in minutes — not in months

Streamline processes and break the silos between your teams

Easily collaborate and share results with multiple stakeholders through our simple and intuitive graphical interface

Integrate seamlessly with other software thanks to our API

Rely on a unique source of data from design to operations

Get standardized, fast and efficient training for all your teams

Drastically reduce your production and maintenance costs

Choose between cloud-based and on-premises deployment

Receive regular updates based on user feedback

Key Features

Design your constellation

Design your constellation from business constraints thanks to our proprietary algorithms, including state-of-the art genetic optimization. Compute key metrics over your areas of interest and size your ground segment.

  • Generate a constellation geometry
  • Optimize your constellation geometry
  • Analyze the performances of your constellation
  • Simulate your constellation

Study the deployment of your satellites

Minimize the cost of inserting satellites into orbit and the time it takes to generate your first revenues. Study your post-launch maneuvers.

  • Study orbital transfer maneuvers
  • Study orbit phasing maneuvers
  • Study RAAN phasing maneuvers
  • Study your deployment scenario
  • Optimize your deployment strategy

Tune up your satellites

Perform trade-offs on thousands of scenarios with our fast parametric studies. Use our full-featured orbital simulator to analyze your spacecraft in detail and understand the interactions between its subsystems.

  • Optimize your maneuvering strategies
  • Design the power system of your satellite
  • Estimate the mean drag area of your satellite
  • Size your attitude control systems

Prepare for operations

Thoroughly analyze all phases of your satellite's life. Plan station-keeping maneuvers and anticipate de-orbiting.

  • Extrapolate your orbit
  • Perform LEO station keeping
  • De-orbit your spacecraft
  • Study the whole lifetime of your spacecraft

A module for every application

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LEO station
design analysis
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If you prefer, our teams can also conduct studies for you. Our experts work quickly and with great flexibility to meet your analysis and design needs.


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We run several analysis or design constellation simulations with various configurations


We analyse the simulation results to provide insights on performance and improvement tracks on design


We give you a full report and presentation of the results

Interactions with your team during the whole process.

ExoOPS™ - Operations
ExoOPS™ - Operations is our constellation operation software. It puts flight dynamics expertise inside your operation software and thereby drastically improves the productivity and value of your flight dynamics and operations teams.

ExoOPS™ - Operations is accessible with a flexible Software as a Service model to limit upfront investment. It can be deployed on the cloud or on premises, in all case providing an optimal security and reliability.

ExoOPS™ - Operations is space-proven and has been used successfully to operate our in-orbit demonstration satellite.

Why choose ExoOPS™ - Operations ?

Scale your constellation, not your operations costs

Spread your licence fees with our SaaS model

No large upfront investment

Bring flight dynamics expertise to your operators

Key Features

Fleet Monitoring

Get a one screen dashboard to monitor your full constellation. See quickly out-of-range values to get the relevant alerts. Compare TM values with ground computed statistical metrics over your meet.

Flight Dynamics Systems

Define your maneuvers easily with our flight dynamics Engine. Automate their system execution taking into account duty cycling, AOCS, power.


Train your employees and simulate scenarios before launching your Satellite.

Orbit Determination

Calculate your satellite location using raw positioning data after each antenna pass. Generate accurate ephemeris automatically shared with the ground station network.

Automated Station Keeping and Collision Avoidance

Define your operational constraints (orbit precision and payload needs) to get your station keeping schedule. Interface with third party SSA alert providers. Get access to precise reports with suggested avoidance maneuvers. Choose the level of automation you want and execute the maneuvers.