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Exotrail’s mission is to allow constellation operators to optimize their launch scenario, boost their performances and mitigate space debris. ExoOPS™, our family of software developed for satellite operators, integrators, space agencies and universities, does exactly that.
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Mission Design
shows you if and how propulsion can serve your use case, and how to best implement it on your spacecraft.

seamlessly integrates propulsion into your satellite’s operation.

ExoOPS™ - Mission Design

ExoOPS™ – Mission Design is a cloud-based software that helps engineers to design and plan the operations of your satellite missions. With ExoOPS™ – Mission Design, you can easily design your constellation and define the best deployment strategy.

  • Design your satellite constellation
  • Assess its performance
  • Optimize the launch strategy
  • Choose the best propulsion system
  • Assess its impact on your satellite
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Key benefits

Mission Optimization & Insights

Compare the impact of different propulsion solutions on your system, your mission, your business case. Generate reports with ∆V, duration, power consumption, duty cycle, propellant use, thrust & attitude sequence. Compute your manoeuvers with optimized strategies. Analyse the precise impact of propulsion on attitude control system, power system, etc. Easily plot your results with the several options integrated in the software or, if you prefer, export them in the most common data formats.

Optimized Launch Strategies

Analyse the impact of different missions, such as RAAN Phasing or altitude transfers, on your operations. Compute thousands of different scenarios at the same time freely parametrizing every variable. Analyse orbital deployment timings and costs. Perform trade-off analysis between rideshare followed by propulsion manoeuver and dedicated launch scenarios.


Access Anywhere: Cloud based software, with local data storage options. Time based licenses, updates automatically included. Easily Set the Simulation: Intuitive software and user friendly interface make the platform easy to use, even for non experts. Fastly Obtain the Results: Compute thousands of different scenarios in seconds.

User-friendly modules

  • Constellation Design
  • Performances analysis including revisit 3D maps
  • station network including impact with age of information and latency analysis coming soon
  • Optimized deployment strategy, to maximize the performance of your constellation also during its deployment coming soon
Deployment strategies   beta
  • Analysis of hundreds of different launch scneraio involving different launchers and propulsion systems
  • Optimisation of the scenario to be chosen depending on your KPI
  • Automatic scrapping of available launches coming soon
Analytical mission
  • Mission performances simulation (∆V, duration, power consumption, duty cycle, propellant use, number of burns…)
  • Comparison of thousands of different scenarios with different orbits or satellites with results in seconds
  • Optimal choice of propulsion system
Numerical mission
  • Detailed system description (satellite geometry, solar panels, battery)
  • Precise maneuver optimization with time histories of the maneuvers
  • Impact of propulsion on AOCS coming soon

Missions available

ExoOPS™ - Operations
ExoOPS™ - Operations is a software that creates the interface between your mission control center and ExoOPS™ - Mission Design. It retrieves data from the propulsion system and the spacecraft, takes manoeuvring orders from the operator, transfers this information to Mission Design that create a manoeuver with thrust and AOCS commands outputs.

Everything is tracked, can be easily accessed and, if you are using an ExoMG™ thruster, the telecommands is automatically created for you to pass it to the satellite directly.

Several modules can be acquired separately – ExoOPS™ can also serve as the full flight dynamics function for your mission, not only for propulsion.