ExoOPS™ – Operation Software

ExoOPS™ is our custom designed and built operational software for propulsion simulations. It is cloud based, user friendly and gives our clients unique insights into mission & propulsion planning.
About ExoOPS™
Propulsion Comparison

Compare the impact of different propulsion solutions on your system and missions

Propulsion Insights

Parametrical analysis for mission design
Multiple reports : DeltaV, Mission Duration, Power Consumption, Ergol Use, Thrust & Attitude Sequence

Orbit Transfer
RAAN Phasing
Anomaly phasing
Station keeping
Optimal Launch Strategies

Easy analysis of Rideshare + thruster vs dedicated launch scenarios
Analyze orbital deployment timings and costs

Access anywhere

Cloud based software
Intuitive and non technical interface make the platforme easy to use, even for non-experts
Local storage options
Time based licenses, no upfront costs
Updates added automatically