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Support from Airbus Développement program to Exotrail

We are pleased to announce that we just signed an agreement with Airbus Dévelopment. This agreement involves an unsecured loan from Airbus to Exotrail, networking opportunities with intern and extern experts and an opportunity for business development between the two entities. This contract was signed between Laurent Legendre, Regional Director at Airbus Développement, and Nicolas Heitz, Chief Operating Officer of Exotrail.

Airbus Développement

Airbus Dévelopment is one of the Innovation support program at Airbus Group. It brings a support to innovative projects based in France in the form of unsecured loans. To be selected a company must show a solid, ambitious and credible business plan with promising commercial perspective particularly regarding job creation.

Airbus Développement is also part of numerous selection comities of the "Entreprendre Network", local incubateurs and "Pôles de compétitivité". The entity was created in 1996 and has helped 1152 companies in France with the creation or retention of over 16 700 jobs. 18 M€ have been invested to fuel the growth of French SMEs so far.



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