Hall effect thruster. For small satellites.

Hall Effect Technology
Power efficiency
Fuel effiency
Integrated operation
High Delta-V
Use of Xenon
Easy exportation
Modular design
Product exotrail

Low power consumption

Less power for the thruster results in more power for the payload. In addition, we limit or remove the need for additional solar panels or a change of battery. Our Power Processing Unit (PPU) is included in our system, so that you do not need to change your battery or power system. Simply put, the total direct + indirect cost of our system is dramatically lower than with competing solutions.

More missions in a given volume

An expensive launch for injection, a thruster for station keeping, a solid propulsion system for deorbiting? Forget it. Do everything with our ExoMG thruster. A 2U system can allow a 15kg/12U satellite to complete a 500 -> 800km altitude transfer, a 1° inclination correction to maintain a Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) and deorbit at the end of its life. All of that whilst still have fuel left.

Easy integration

We want to adapt our system to your platform, not the opposite. Therefore, we limit the max power consumption and we use a modular approach to have a great flexibility in the way we position our own subsystems. We adapt easily in 3 to 27U standardised platforms and other customised ones. Easy translates to quick and cost-effective.


No risk of camera or spacecraft pollution with our neutral gas. Other technologies using ionic liquid, iodine, titanium or indium can pollute your spacecraft. Our Xenon can’t react with it: not because it is unlikely, but simply because it is chemically impossible. Don’t risk losing your very state-of-the-art camera.

Streamlined business process

Our thruster is sourced & industrialised in Europe with the majority occurring in France. We are developing our system with a customer approach to simplify every step of the process, from mission design and manufacturing through to integration and launch.

Integrated operation

Adding propulsion to a satellite or to a constellation adds new challenges to the operation system of these spacecrafts. We are here to help you integrating the operation of the thruster to your operation system. And if you need Phase 0 or Phase A-B analysis to design and optimise propulsion manoeuvres… contact us!