Increase your satellite performances

Secondary injection
Inclination correction
Constellation phasing
Collision avoidance & Deorbitation
Very Low Earth Orbit station keeping
Orbital maintenance

Flexible launch

Choose your altitude. Optimise your launcher choice. Both low-cost launches and optimal performance are available with electric propulsion. You can now design an optimal mission, with an optimal altitude, whilst still enjoying an inexpensive rideshare flight or a dedicated small satellite launch to a standardised altitude.

Optimal configuration

Do not let several of your satellites look at the same area of Earth because of a poor orbital configuration. Phase your satellites optimally, and increase your coverage and revisit rate without increasing the size of your constellation. Propulsion can perform these manoeuvres in a few days, compared to a few months with other techniques such as differential drag.

Enhanced revisit rate & coverage

Dedicated launchers are usually built to position you at altitudes of 500km. Similarly, rideshare launches do not allow you to choose your altitude. Use our thruster to develop high coverage telecommunication or high revisit rate earth observation constellations at altitudes of 600-2000km.

Very high resolution imagery

You cannot defy physics. With a given platform size and a given altitude, the resolution of your cameras will be limited by diffraction... but you could go lower! Develop missions in Very Low Earth Orbits (V-LEO) of below 400 km to deliver optimal resolution. Using our electric propulsion solution, your missions will have a lifespan of years instead of months or weeks at these altitudes.

Optimal revisit

Thanks to orbital mechanics, you can design missions on very specific altitudes to selectively favour the revisit of certain areas of interest. Propulsion transforms this innovative concept into operational commercial value: you can go to these orbits and maintain them to deliver greater value to your customers.

Space Debris Compliance & Collision safety

Above 500-550km, you need a deorbiting solution to prevent a generation of space debris and respect international guidelines. Our system can deorbit your spacecraft at the end of its life. You can also avoid collisions with our active system and guarantee the safety of your constellation.

New Space Services

Asteroid mining, space tugs, in-orbit services, space surveillance, active debris monitoring, in-orbit assembly… We believe this is the future of space. For all these missions, you need electric propulsion and we are actively looking at delivering these services.