Fast and flexible constellation deployment services

Deploying constellations over several planes, altitudes and inclinations often means using dedicated launch vehicles which dramatically increases launch costs. With the SpaceVan™ mobility service, satellite operators can now quickly, efficiently and simply deploy their constellations. They can choose their orbital parameters while still taking advantage of significantly cheaper rideshare vehicles.

Fast access to orbit

Flexibility of a dedicated launcher, on a rideshare

Up to 50% lower on costs

Access new orbits: inclined LEO orbits, MEO, GEO, Moon and Mars

Our service
Simple access to multiple launch opportunities
Tailored maneuvers to operational orbit
Accurate deployment for immediate operations
Service performances
2023 2024 2025
Type of passengers Up to 12U Up to 400kg, <0.6m3
Orbit change 100km altitude change 1 month 14 days 10 days
1° inclination change 90 days 60 days 40 days
Constellation deployment In-Plane Phasing at 180° 14 days 7 days 6 days
1h LTAN plane change 90 days 75 days
Options Payload separator provision
Passengers power charging
Passengers thermal control
Passengers anticipated LEOP operations
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Our launch manifest

The SpaceVan™ provides customers the ability to deploy and adjust small satellites to custom orbits. Powered by ExoMG™, Exotrail's in-house propulsion solution, the SpaceVan™ gives a wide range of delta-V options and efficient thruster performance. Exotrail can arrange the full deployment of constellations and single satellites in LEO/SSO, MEO, GEO or even beyond through a dedicated mission service.

#Q4 - 2023

Falcon 9

Orbit SSO

LTDN 9h-11h

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#Q3 - 2024

Launcher TBA

Orbit SSO


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#Q2 - 2024

Launcher TBA

Orbit SSO


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#Q4 - 2024

Launcher TBA

Orbit SSO


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Launch campaign


Mission definition & launch service agreement

Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • Target orbit(s)
  • Total mass
  • Timeframe
  • Launch slot booking
  • Mission analysis

Launch - 8 months

Mission planning and Interfaces Control

Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • Preliminary ICD
  • Integration preliminary planning

Launch - 4 months

Beginning of passenger integration activities

Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • Passenger delivery
  • ICD compliance
Passenger integration in the SpaceVan
(can be performed at launcher premises)

Launch - 2 months

Final Mission update and Acceptance review

Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • N/A
  • Confirmation from launch
    provider to move forward to launch

Launch - 0 month


Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • N/A
  • Launch success confirmation
  • Real time SpaceVan positioning

Launch + 1 to 6 months

In-orbit Passenger Deployment

Passenger Operator input Exotrail input
  • N/A
  • Confirmation of successful deployment
  • Positioning of the deployed passenger