New business and exploration

With thrusted CubeSats

Take control of your nanosatellites

A constellation of nanosatellites can deliver new space-based services such as Earth observation with groundbreaking revisit rates and spatial resolution, global connectivity with worldwide coverage - including remote areas, weather or air quality monitoring. Adding propulsion to nanosatellites significantly enhances constellations' capabilities.

Key figures

1st case study
Constant altitude km
400 400
Maximum lifespan years <1.5 5-10
Revisite rate hours 12-48 <6
2nd case study
Constant lifespan years
1.5 1.5
Spatial resolution m 4-5 2-3
Altitude km 400 270
Case Study Analysis: why you should use propulsion
Deliver far higher revisit rates
Optimal repartition of the satellites around the Earth
Lower costs
Longer lifespan induces amortization over a longer period of time
Operate at the exact required altitude
Enhance your spatial/temporal resolution by changing altitudes on demand
Access Medium or High Earth Orbit
On demand, and still abide by international regulations in terms of deorbiting
Enhance your constellation's security
Thrusted nanosatellites become active objects that can avoid collisions
Flexibility in your launch strategy
Save ground development time and launch costs by using propulsion to optimize the choice of launcher.

In addition, propulsion makes brand new activities possible such as asteroid mining, spatial exploration and deep-space communication. Exotrail will provide a thrusting solution for your spacecrafts and constellations – from the design of the mission to its operation with our disruptive thrusting unit on board. We will take care of everything, so as your company can focus on what is important: your customers.

Discover what you can do with nanosatellites below.

Discover how Earth observation can boost your business

A constellation of thrusted nanosatellites brings Earth observation to a whole new level. Space-based Earth images are now accessible and affordable for any business, anywhere, at any time.



Transportation monitoring

Business & other services

Defense, security & intelligence

Insurance services

Managed living resources

Energy & natural resources

Everything is connected. Literally.

Worldwide Internet connection has changed the way business thinks and operates. Whether it involves wireless devices, autonomous machines or remotely-based detectors, you cannot afford not having signal anymore. Constellations of thrusted nanosatellites give you the guarantee that everything will stay connected, at an affordable price and wherever you choose to install it on Earth.

Global internet
Global Internet
Connect everyone, everywhere
Internet of things
Internet of things
Global connectivity and M2M network
Remote sensors
Remote sensors
Gather data from all around the world

Imagine far. Go further.

When it comes to science, nanosatellites are the best. Easily design your own experience directly in space, try out some technology there, or simply head towards the outer space.

Thrusted nanosatellites can provide real-time space-based images of the Moon, Mars or other celestial bodies.
Thrusted nanosatellites can be used as affordable and flexible probes for deep-space discovery or asteroid mining missions.
Thrusted nanosatellites can be used as space-based antennas for upcoming deep-space missions requiring outstanding communication capacities. Using nanosatellites as relays between Earth and a distant probe makes it easier, faster, cheaper.
Space exploration
Space exploration
Head to the Moon, to Mars, or further
Deep space communications
Deep Space communication
Far has never been so close
Technology demonstration
Technology demonstration
Safe, reliable, in space and at low cost

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